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Do you bring a balanced perspective - mind, heart and soul - to important decisions in your life?  Do you have a sense of clarity of your authentic self?


Whether you have a personal or professional challenge or need to review your life's path, whole life coaching is a safe place to explore options, discuss opportunities and steps that support your values, aspirations and purpose.   


Making important decisons does not have to feel overwhelming or confusing.  Gaining a perspective and creating clarity supports living your authentic life. ..READ MORE

What is the role of spirituality in your life?
Full engagement with life is about connecting to your Source of Being -- the Divine, God, inner Wisdom, Higher Power -- and bringing that Source into your life. 
Spiritual Direction (also termed spiritual companioning) assists all who are exploring insights and inner wisdom. It supports those who sense a change in perspective about life, purpose and meaning.
Spiritual direction helps you discover and deepen your relationship with your spiritual core - and fully express it in everything you do.
With spiritual direction you can create new and richer life experiences where thought, voice and action work in unison.    ...READ MORE

When health takes

a turn.

A change in health - acute or long term - impacts our entire life. It is more than the change in our day-to-day living.  A significant health event can impact the way we understand ourselves, our relationships, and even how we view life.   

Health concerns can have equally compelling spiritual concerns. Having the support of a Spiritual Companion can ease the physical challenge and bring a sense of peace during difficult times.  ...READ MORE

Stop thinking.
Start living.


Life is about making choices, taking action, responding to events in a positive way and adjusting life's course.


Keeping all thoughts and ideas in your head remain just that - a thought or idea. Dreams that stay dreams will soon melt into illusions.


Try a whole life coach and bring your aspirations and ideas into your life. ..READ MORE


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Yvonne  Wootten  - Whole Life Coach and Spiritual Director

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Photograph by B. Kenegy

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It doesn't matter about what job you have or what religion you practice or your current situation.  Taking time to ask yourself meaningful questions  can affirm life from exactly where  you are - right now - or it can guide you onto a new and different path.


Whole life coaching and spiritual direction are not therapy. They are confidential sessions that focus on you and your life. It is not just about making it through life. It is about living your life authentically.



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