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Perspective and Clarity ​was created to provide a setting for all  to:

  • Explore meaning and direction – personally and  professionally

  • Create road maps to navigate through personal and work challenges, authentically

  • Plan and achieve work/life goals

  • Connect with our interior life and core being – whether we name that essential self or true nature; inner wisdom; God or a higher power; or Divine Soul -- and bring that into our daily life.

Perspective and Clarity’s purpose and mission statement is shaped around the desire to assist all to find purpose, direction and meaning in all stages of life. This can be about creating or renewing work and personal goals, exploring our Spiritual self or discerning direction. Or it can be about compassionate listening and being heard in the midst of difficulty or life transitions.

Coaching and spiritual direction sessions can be conducted via phone, Zoom, Skype, Google or in person. Contact us to find out what will work for you.  

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Pronouns: she/her/hers

Yvonne Wootten


I have been an explorer of sorts all my life. For me, accepting the status quo never seemed like the best option. Somehow it seemed as if I was giving up on new possibilities. Unfortunately, I started to think a change in direction was now my default and I wasn’t taking time to look at the 'why'​ I did what I did. I needed to cultivate a better perspective and gain clarity before making choices. From then on I felt I was on the right road.

I have 25+ years experience in a variety of leadership roles in business. These included management and executive positions in the corporate, non-profit and public sectors. I finished my business career leading training and course development in business management. 


I am a trained personal and business coach, having worked independently and in a corporate setting. I use a holistic approach to promote full engagement with life – personal life, work life, and relationships with self, others and the world.  It is more than knowing about our strengths and weaknesses. It is about being able to articulate our values and dreams and integrate those into everything we are and do in life. We all are much more than what the world sees or expects.


With my training and experience as a spiritual director, I accompany those on a path to deepen a connection with their Source, their ‘true self’ and with the world. How the process unfolds is unique to each but it is accomplished by being fully present to the movement of the Spirit within each of us. 


I consider myself a progressive Christian practicing the ethics of Buddhism. I am a contemplative yet action oriented. I honor life as a gift and seek to support other's on their journey.


I earned a BA from University of California, Davis, a masters from University of Nevada, Reno, an MBA from the University of Dallas, and certificates in coaching and spiritual direction. For a full resume, please see my LinkedIn profile at

LIve life mindfully and with intention

Fully explore options and opportunities

Be authentic, discover your true self

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