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Connect with your source. Enter into a Spiritual companionship. Renew your sense of direction and purpose. Discern your direction.


Spiritual Direction/Companioning is about exploring the spiritual self and the experiences in that exploration. Contemplative and compassionate listening used in spiritual direction will help discern and process what is stirring deep within. It is about helping to listen to and recognize inner wisdom, our true nature, or our connection to life, the Divine, our higher power.


The process may include exploring faith, beliefs and practices, or defining a way of life that is most meaningful. But it always led by the directee and never ‘directed.’


These sessions benefit people from all faith traditions and for those who are just starting to question.  It is important to note here that spirituality takes on many forms and its role changes in each stage of our lives.


There are many religions, many beliefs and many spiritual practices. Whatever the belief, all are honored and can be explored at "Perspective and Clarity" sessions to deepen a spiritual connection with yourself, your Source and the world. 


Wherever you are now, wherever you may go, we can be with you as you journey in your spiritual life.


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Develop a meaningful spiritual practice

Listening to your inner wisdom

Exploring important questions of life and purpose

Discerning a call

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