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Spiritual Support

Caring for the human spirit/ Companionship/
Compassionate Listening

Compassionate Listening

Spiritual Self

Holding the questions

Honoring life

Having a serious illness impacts the whole person -physically, emotionally and spiritually. It can be much more than the technical aspects of managing pain and symptoms. Illness can impact us on a much deeper level. The goal of compassionate (palliative or hospice) care is to improve day-to-day functioning and improve his or her quality of life throughout the span of illness. This includes addressing the emotional and spiritual impact.

Serious illness can shake the foundation of who we are and what we believe. Questions of life and purpose can be sources of pain and suffering. Coping with this spiritual trauma may become more and more important to the individual. A Spiritual Companion can be there to listen compassionately and create a space to explore these challenging questions or just to be still and fully present, honoring the moment.  

‘Perspective and Clarity’ offers the spiritual support to promote well-being during the term of a serious illness. We offer a hand to hold; we listen and we are a presence without an agenda.
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