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Life Events & Transitions​/Health & Body​


We all tend to wear different hats in our day-to-day depending on the situation, personal and social expecattions, and our perspective. But sometimes we begin to loose sight of who we 'really' are.  Without making conscious choices we become our reactions and responses disconnected from our true-self.


Living life with intention - work-life, personal, relationships -  requires we stop and look at what we do and why we do it. We may need to step back and look at options objectively to gain a better perspective and then outline goals and plan.  It may require we look at choices more with our heart noting what our body/emotions are telling us. It may require we check in with core values to ensure we are living in our integrity.

But regardless of the life event, transition or situation, we need to bring our entire self into the discernment process - heart, mind and body. From there a plan can be created that includes your aspirations and goals aligned with your heart and inner wisdom.

Perspective and Clarity takes this 'Whole life' coaching  approach. Explore the possibilities. Call 970-294-5651 or


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